28. May, 2012

The Gold Coast: A mecca for adrenalin rush & super-heroes

Australia’s Gold Coast boasts an endless playground for families and has become a mecca for theme-park addicts.  If you’re looking to brave some of the world’s tallest & fastest rides, interact with nature’s finest animals or simply looking for some aquatic adventure, you won’t be disappointed. Australia’s theme park capital boasts the Southern Hemisphere’s largest [...]

21. Apr, 2012

All’s fair in love and war on King Tutt’s Putt Putt mini-golf courses

“Mine’s the orange one” Cerys demands with a mischievous cheeky smile.“I’ll have the lilac one” adds Cerys’ friend Laura. The remaining choice hangs in the balance and my wife Karen saves me some embarrassment as she grabs the “hot-pink” ball and leaves me with the more masculine mustard yellow one. King Tutt’s Putt Putt is [...]

17. Apr, 2012

Thrills, spills and a bad hair day with Paradise Jet Boating

I’m just a few minutes into 25 kilometres of heart pumping adventure and I think I know how James Bond must have felt careering down the Thames in The World Is Not Enough.  But I am not in London.  I am in Surfers Paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast. “Welcome to Paradise Jet Boating” Lisa greets us as [...]

29. Mar, 2012

Huka Prawn Park: Giant Malayasian River Prawns Evade Capture

Our mission was simple.  I would lead a small task force of seafood lovers and infiltrate Huka Prawn Park to snatch as many prawns as we could in 3 hours and return to base.  Codenamed “Operation Huka Prawn Park Hunt” we knew the risks.  We’d strike deep into the world’s only geo-thermal prawn park and [...]

25. Jan, 2012

Singapore At Its Best: 3 Reasons to Visit

Travelling in Asia will never be complete if you have not visited the beautiful city of Singapore. Don’t be fooled by its size because although this country may be small, it is the most advanced metropolis in Southeast Asia. In fact, the capital city (also named Singapore) comprises one-third of the mainland making it almost [...]

08. Jan, 2012

Maori History, Dolphins & Breath Taking Scenery in Paihia

The Bay of Islands has been a favourite holiday spot for generations of Kiwi families.  At its heart, lies the picturesque seaside village of Paihia, which offers a relaxed pace for locals and tourists alike.  During the summer months, visitors use it as a base to explore the area’s enchanting 144 islands and experience its [...]

29. Dec, 2011

10 Bars, Restaurants & Cafes With Stunning Views

What could be more appealing than sipping cocktails or “fine-dining” on a roof-top bar or restaurant that has the most amazing killer views?  Whether you’re perched, eagle like, above a neon-lit city; absorbing 360 degree views; soaking up panoramic views of sun-kissed coastlines; or experiencing a sun set over ancient ruins, some bars & restaurants [...]

01. Nov, 2011

Encounter whales gorging on Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf’s seafood buffet

Many whale-watching excursions result in nothing more than sunburn, disappointment and a wasted day.  My recent whale-watching trip with Auckland’s Whale & Dolphin Safari certainly dispelled that myth. With 6 weeks of Rugby World Cup 2011 ending 6 days ago, Auckland has returned to a cosmopolitan lifestyle city offering more than just rugby.  With a [...]

19. Sep, 2011

Sun, Sea & Sangria In My Favourite Cities

I was recently asked what my favourite city was.  What a tough question!  I’ve been privileged to travel to many places. To me, the beauty of travelling is seeing new places for the first time and experiencing different cultures. Experiences like those will be influenced by many things: The people, the weather, the stage of [...]

17. Feb, 2011

Auckland’s Whale & Dolphin Safari Promises To “Make Dreams Come True”

I will admit that, since I was a freckle faced child, I’ve been fascinated with the grace and beauty of dolphins.  Ancient Greeks recognised their beauty and killing one was considered sacrilegious and punishable by death – they were called “hieros ichthys” or “sacred fish”. And so, exploiting a rare window of opportunity of “father [...]

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