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I was looking forward to Singapore.  I feel a strong connection with her as I was born there and have been fortunate to visit several times since.  We left Mumbai at 10:05 this morning and the flight to Singapore was full and not the best flight I’d ever had!  We landed in Singapore at 17:00.

Getting to our hotel from Changi airport in Singapore was incredibly simple, quiet, clean & much less chaotic than India!  The two countries are like chalk and cheese and could not be any more different.  After reaching our hotel in Robertson Quay just after 18:00 and a quick shower, we headed straight out to Clarkes Quay and then to Chinatown’s food markets for a few scrumptious chicken satay kebabs, a plate of piping hot noodles, washed down with a large Tiger Beer!  Afterwards, we headed straight out to Singapore’s Night Safari, where I think we were last to leave at just after midnight.

Needing a nightcap, we headed for a local bar in Robertson Quay where I soon found out one more thing that’s different about Singapore & India – the prices – S$16 for one beer – needless to say, I only had the one beer and luckily for our budget, Rhys didn’t have anything!

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  • Carla Brown

    I would definitely love to travel to Singapore, and I like beer just as much as the next person, but $16 for one beer?

  • Karen

    My aunt and my cousin will be going to Singapore today in the afternoon. Will give them heads up on the beer price. 🙂

  • Ephraim

    According my brother, its the cleanest city in the world for him. From the carpets at Changi airport to its sidewalks everywhere. Hopefully I can visit and experience Singapore as well. Good thing I’m not a beer lover 🙂

  • Ampie

    A lot of my friends are working in Singapore right now and I was looking for an article of interest. I will definitely visit this country one of these days.

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